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North Asia has a great demand for disposable e-cigarettes

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Update time : 2022-03-23 19:09:40

Novel coronavirus pneumonia and illegal products demand for tobacco products in North Asia has steadily increased, according to statistics, the annual demand for disposable electronic cigarettes in North Asia is 93 million 100 thousand sets.

North Asia has a population of about 53 million, but it has a large potential market for tobacco. First, the per capita income level in North Asia is high, which is conducive to the entry of medium and high price tobacco products into North Asia.

The problem of counterfeit tobacco products in North Asia is very difficult. Illegal tobacco products in Russia account for 12% of the market and illegal tobacco in North Asia accounts for 30% of the market. Counterfeit tobacco is harmful to consumers' health and can cause losses to legitimate tobacco manufacturers.

Due to the rapid growth of disposable e-cigarette sales in North Asia, the number of e-cigarette stores in North Asia has almost doubled in recent years, and the demand for new tobacco products is increasing.

In order to control the regional smoking rate, the North Asian government has recently adjusted the minimum price of tobacco products, launched an anti smoking plan and reduced its dependence on international tobacco manufacturers. Now the development of tobacco manufacturers in North Asia is at a low ebb.

The Development Committee of the Federation of agriculture and industry of the Northeast chamber of Commerce and industry of Russia proposed that North Asia should be regarded as the place for the development of Russia's domestic tobacco industry.

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