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Thailand's ECST urges authorities to legalize e-cigarettes

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Update time : 2022-01-07 15:23:09

Recently, Thailand's ECST (Thailand Electronic Cigarette Consumers Union) urged Thailand to legalize e-cigarette products as soon as possible, so that local smokers in Thailand have legal channels to obtain less harmful nicotine replacement products.

Seven years have passed since Thailand issued a ban on e-cigarettes, and the number of followers related to self-media platforms for e-cigarette sales in Thailand is almost close to one million, which is inconsistent with the data of less than 80,000 e-cigarette users from the National Bureau of Statistics of Thailand. 

This shows that there is considerable market demand for e-cigarettes in Thailand. Since Thailand has banned e-cigarettes for 7 years,

The number of e-cigarette users that can be counted is gradually increasing, and ECST said ""This means that the policy has not worked. If e-cigarette products are legal, they can be inspected and standardized by national agencies. "

While promoting the legal sales of e-cigarettes, ECST also gave relevant management and control recommendations, such as "Regulations on the prohibition of minors from purchasing and using e-cigarettes", "Each e-cigarette user needs to obtain an e-cigarette at the supervision office and purchase E-cigarettes must show an electronic card to control the legal sales of e-cigarettes and e-liquid"

Regarding the promotion of e-cigarette licensing, ECST is not alone. The Minister of Digital Economy and Society Chaiwut Thanakamanusorn stated that he will explore ways to legalize e-cigarette sales, citing the relatively low health risks of e-cigarettes and the taxation of black market sales. Influence.

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