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Europe and the United States implement the "Tobacco Harm Reduction" strategy

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Update time : 2022-03-01 17:41:15

Tobacco harm reduction experts said at the 4th Asian Harm Reduction Forum that Canada, Japan, Iceland, Sweden and other countries promoted less harmful e-cigarettes to smokers, reducing tobacco sales.


The participants of the 4th Asian Harm Reduction Forum are all supporters who are committed to reducing the harm of tobacco. By promoting harm reduction products such as e-cigarettes, they provide smokers with the opportunity to quit smoking, reduce harm, and reduce the harm of tobacco.

Tobacco harm reduction experts say Canada has adopted a tobacco harm reduction strategy to promote domestic tobacco control progress. The "Canadian Tobacco and Nicotine Survey" survey shows that since the promotion of e-cigarettes to the public and the implementation of tobacco harm reduction strategies, the smoking rate of Canadians aged 20 to 30 has dropped from 13.3% to 8% from 2019 to 2020.


E-cigarettes are the most popular smoking cessation and harm reduction products in the UK. The UK is incorporating e-cigarettes into medical insurance to ensure that smokers across the country can use e-cigarettes to quit smoking. Sweden, Norway, and Iceland are also promoting tobacco harm reduction strategies. After Iceland implemented tobacco harm reduction, the smoking rate also dropped by about 40% in just three years.


If the regulatory policies of various countries can  persuade smokers to switch to harm reduction products such as e-cigarettes and ensure the normal sale of harm reduction products, it is expected to greatly improve the public health environment through this science and technology.


From the above, what are the advantages of electronic cigarettes?

1. E-cigarettes help smokers quit smoking

2. E-cigarettes help reduce harm

3. E-cigarettes are good for improving the environment

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