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Do e-cigarettes cause bone damage?

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Update time : 2022-02-21 16:23:59

In response to the question "Does e-cigarettes cause damage to bones?", the research object of "using e-cigarettes at least once in the last 30 days" shows that the use of e-cigarettes can lead to fragility fractures. But these conclusions are fraught with controversy:

1. Are e-cigarette users doing hazardous work?

2. Is there a higher incidence of fractures?

3. Apart from e-cigarettes, do fracture patients have other bad habits?

4. Is there a history of fractures before using e-cigarettes?

Cameron English, Head of ACSH Life Sciences, said:

Regardless of the number of e-cigarettes smokers use within 30 days, or the number of cigarettes used within those 30 days as the basis for the survey, the conclusion is meaningless!

Since 2015, the British Department of Public Health has confirmed that e-cigarettes can reduce the harm of cigarettes by 95%, and let users abandon more harmful cigarettes, why is the prevalence rate higher?

After re-doing the study, the results were the exact opposite: the incidence of fragility fractures among e-cigarette users was higher than that of current smokers


The researchers said that this result has limitations: the brands and times of e-cigarettes used by the respondents were not distinguished, and there was no specific comparative analysis. However, domestic and foreign media directly focused on the unscientific conclusion that "e-cigarettes can cause osteoporosis". Cameron English said: "The conclusion that "e-cigarettes can cause osteoporosis" is not valid, and we need to do more scientific research, rather than blindly believing this unscientific research.

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